Perhaps your child has a cleft palate or a deformity due to an accident. A pediatric plastic surgeon can assess your child’s condition to determine if plastic surgery can help. If so, you’ll meet with a dedicated, experienced pediatric plastic surgeon to discuss your next steps. At the Mississippi Center for Advanced Medicine, our plastic surgeon handles traumatic and congenital abnormalities. From burn reconstruction to trauma management, you’ll find consultation and treatment options here.

What Is a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon and What Do They Do?

Pediatric plastic surgery is a sub-specialty that focuses on improving aesthetics and functionality. Typically, patients require plastic surgery following congenital, traumatic, or acquired illnesses or injuries.

Our pediatric plastic surgeon underwent years of additional training to perfect the skills needed to reshape soft tissues and correct defects for patients under age 19.

Types of Conditions Treated by a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon

Skin conditions, head shape anomalies, and congenital facial differences often require plastic surgery to resolve.

Here are a few examples of conditions that typically result in plastic surgery:

  • Skin conditions: Keloids, moles, burn reconstruction, masses, and scars.
  • Problems with head shape: Anomalies like plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and craniosynostosis (baby’s head bones fuse together too quickly).
  • Facial differences: Includes acquired or congenital conditions like a cleft lip and palate, facial paralysis, and facial asymmetry.
  • Other types of pediatric surgeries include rhinoplasty and ear surgery. Our team of surgeons includes specialists for a variety of corrective surgeries.

How to Prepare for Pediatric Plastic Surgery

As a parent, it’s essential to ask the tough questions to prepare for surgery that may save your child’s life. We invite you to read our reviews and check out the credentials of our talented plastic surgeon.
Schedule a consultation so we can discuss your child’s needs and expectations. Our surgeon will ask that you bring relevant imaging scans and medical records pertaining to the condition. We also ask you to provide a detailed medical history so that the pediatric plastic surgeon is aware of medications, allergies, and conditions that can impact the success of the procedure.

The surgeon and our staff will offer advice on how to mentally prepare your child, so they feel confident and comfortable on the day of the surgery.

It’s important to understand any and all restrictions associated with your condition. That includes adhering to postoperative instructions pertaining to diet, exercises, and healing.

Mississippi Center for Advanced Medicine has one of the leading pediatric plastic surgeons available in our service areas. Contact us online to book an appointment to discuss your child’s plastic surgery needs.